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Goa Tattoo Festival I wasn’t much of a fan when it came to conventions, but Goa international tattoo festival did a good job of changing my perception. I jumped aboard this 3-day festival as it was right here in my hometown and now I am glad I did.
I would like to thank Martin McIver for being such a wonderful person to work with. All our needs at the convention were taken care of by him and i would like to add that his hosting skills and stage presence is that of a hollywood actor. Apart from showcasing some awe-inspiring talent, The event hosted some amazing music shows that kept our adrenaline at the right levels.
My talent was recognised by the organisers and I was also asked to judge one of the events at the show. Now that i look back and think about why I became the tattooist in the first place? It wasn’t the money nor was it fame. It was the ability to express and at this convention i got to do just that.
Yes, I did win the best of the show event but that was just the cherry on the top and perhaps a new starting point for my already incredibly epic journey in the world of tattoo art. Moksha Tattoo Studio Tattooartist Mukesh






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